Switzerland is neither a member of the European Union nor part of the European currency zone. Nevertheless, there are several legal correlations between Germany and Switzerland. In particular, due to a number of bilateral treaties (including, e.g., the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons) European law is applicable in Switzerland. At the same time, however, Swiss law remains exclusively applicable in a number of legal matters, e.g. concerning employment contracts. Thus, in the case of cross-border issues, knowledge of the common features on the one hand, and the particularities of the law in Germany and Switzerland on the other hand have to be considered.

Do you intend to set up contractual relationships with a person or legal entity located in Switzerland? Do you want to enforce a debt claim in Switzerland? Or are you Swiss and looking for legal advice in Germany? Do you need legal assistance in relation to a change of residency (Switzerland or Germany)? Do you have any other legal issue with regard to Switzerland?

For each of these scenarios transnational legal understanding is an invaluable asset. I will be glad to share with you my five years’ experience working as a lawyer in Switzerland – and, additionally, my personal experience as an expat in Switzerland in terms of administrative issues – for the benefit of your project. Given my background, I can represent your rights in both Germany and Switzerland. For specific issues, I have access to a network of experienced Swiss lawyers, tax accountants and other experts; the same applies for Germany.

I look forward to hearing from you.

» German-Swiss Lawyers Association (Deutsch-Schweizerische Juristenvereinigung, DSJV)